Thursday, August 11, 2022

Apple Is Confronted With New MacBook Pro Issues

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For those who use their computers on battery capacity and charge them during downtime, the situation is infuriating. Whenever the MacBook Pro is turned off, it will not charge through the MagSafe port; the led indicator will remain permanently orange, instead of the more useful green, indicating that the battery is charging. The subject is hotly debated in the dev community.

“Recently, I found that whenever the MacBook is entirely turned off, there is a charging problem… Apple’s proposed remedy] was merely a stopgap measure. I restarted the MacBook and attempted to recharge it to see whether the problem had been resolved fully. Again, the same issue. This should not occur on such a high-priced item. I’m concerned about the negative impact this will have on the batteries and general performance of the device. According to the responses, this occurs exclusively when the 140W Charger is used.”

The issue does not affect every MacBook Pro. Apple support has not responded to anyone impacted by the issue, other than to acknowledge that the company is aware of the problem and is investigating.

This is not the first time Apple’s new MacBook Pro computers have been criticised for charging and powering troubles. The new macOS laptops’ quick charging capabilities were widely promoted at the announcement event. Regrettably, only the most expensive 16-inch MacBook Pro models included a fast charger and connection. For anyone else looking to quickly transition from empty to usable, Apple would charge $150 for the fast charge adapter and MagSafe cable… on top of the cost of their new shiny laptop.

The new MacBook Pro computers continue to face minor teething difficulties, which do not detract from the overall experience, but the growing number of flaws is difficult to ignore.

Consider the screen’s notch, which is easily justified in terms of optimising the 16:10 aspect ratio by placing the menu button (which contains the notch) outside the active area; however, the UI surrounding the notch is uneven in the present version of macOS.

Apple’s aura of perfection in the slightest detail may be famous, but it’s difficult to square this with the fact that more little faults are making their way past testing and quality assurance and reaching users.