Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Einstein’s Rare Handwritten Theory of Relativity Manuscript Sold for $13 Million

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Even if you are an ordinary person, the mathematician name Albert Einstein is instantly recognisable. The renowned scientist whose theory of relativity transformed current physics is an iconic image in global history. Thus, a rare portion of Einstein’s handwriting has been auctioned for a record-breaking $13 million at a Paris auction.
The rare 54-page booklet comprises Albert Einstein’s handwritten scribblings, illustrations, and explanations. According to Parisian auctioneer Christie’s, Einstein communicated his theory of relativity to his boyhood buddy David Rothman using few mathematical calculations.

Rothman, a departmental merchant, once requested that a buddy explain his unique thought in layman’s terms. As a result, Einstein created a paper for Rothman that included several pictures and definitions. On one of the pages is a declaration made by David Rothman in 1939 confirming that Einstein created the book for Rothman in order to explain some phenomena relevant to the theory of relativity “without the use of mathematics.”

Theory of Relativity Picture

The document was apparently completed between 1913 and 1914 and it is one of four manuscripts authored by Einstein which are now housed in museums or in Einstein’s personal ownership. Additionally, the auctioneer states that the text includes handwritten comments by Einstein’s coworker and buddy Michael Besso, whom was supposed to have preserved the papers after Einstein reportedly burned his work often.

According to Christie’s, the papers were validated and discussed by Dr. Daniel Kennefick, a researcher with the Einstein Paper Project. Additionally, the auctioneer notes that, despite Rothman’s desire that Einstein avoid mathematics, the researcher could not avoid including certain mathematical equations in his text.

Now, as for the manuscript’s worth, it was previously estimated to be around $3 million. Eventually, it was sold for a stunning $13 million (Rs 97.6 crores).