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Free Google Certificates

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Google offers more online courses and training programs in different subjects through their own platforms or through third-party platforms and most of them are free and comes with a certificates. Here is a list of all those free courses. UPDATE: Part 2 of this list is out now, CLICK HERE

Free Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics Academy provides 6 courses about Google Analytics, Google Data Studio and Google Tag Manager. Each course includes a series of video content and assessments. After getting a score of 80% or higher on each assessment, you can earn a certificate of completion. Certificates are automatically added to your Google Analytics Academy profile and can be shared on your Linkedin resume.

Google Analytics for Beginners
Advanced Google Analytics
Google Analytics for Power Users
Getting Started With Google Analytics 360
Introduction to Data Studio
Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

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Free Google Certification from Google Developers Platform

Google Developers Platform Learn is a “one-stop destination” for skills to develop software with Google’s technology. Over 30 pathways with free badges are provided on the platform. Each pathway includes sequential learning materials combined with videos, documents, codelabs, and quizzes. Badges will be shown on your Google Developer Profile after completion.

Use Apps Script in Google Workspace
Build, containerize, and deploy Spring Boot apps on Google Cloud
Build Actions for Google Assistant
Visualize data on Google Maps Platform
Get started with Google Maps Platform
Improve your website with Web Vitals
Capture media with WebRTC
Engage your web app’s users with push notifications
Build apps with Flutter
Use Spring Boot to quickly create apps for Google Cloud
Accelerate and simplify communications with G Suite
Use Actions on Google to make your home smarter
Implement Material Design in web apps
Implement Material Design with Material Components for Flutter
Follow Material Design guidelines for Android apps in Java
Offer simpler and secure payments with Google Pay
Program neural networks with TensorFlow
Build a custom, responsive chatbot in Google Cloud
Build chatbots with Dialogflow
Build your first web app with Firebase
Add Firebase to your Flutter app
Develop locally with Firebase
Build web apps backed by Cloud Firestore
Message your users with FCM and FIAM on Android
Android Basics: Introduction to Kotlin
Android Basics: Create your first Android app
Android Basics: Build a basic layout
Android Basics: Add a button to an app
Get user input in an app: Part 1
Get user input in an app: Part 2
Navigate between screens
Introduction to the Navigation component
Architecture components
Advanced navigation app examples

Free Google Digital Marketing Certification

Google Digital Garage provides over 150 free courses in digital skills. 20+ courses are provided by Google. The course Fundamentals of digital marketing by Google provides a free certificate. There are 26 modules in the course and each module includes videos and assessments.

You can earn a badge for each module separately after passing all assessments. A final certificate is also available once you finish all modules. Badges and certificates will be linked to your profile page.