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Google plans for India explained by Sundar Pichai

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We want to help Indian firms tackle new problems, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said on Friday, noting that this is a critical and exciting moment for India.

Pichai stated at the HT Leadership Summit 2021 that he is encouraged by the growing number of startups establishing themselves on a global scale and the creation of unicorns.

“For our part, we’d want to assist in a few ways. We committed USD 10 billion to the India Digitisation Fund last year, and as part of that, we want to support Indian companies that are solving novel problems; we want to provide them with AI, technologies, and platforms that will enable them to scale their ideas and reach a larger audience ,”He stated.

Pichai continued by stating that the firm is investing in critical infrastructure and that many of its services enable individuals to trade outside of India.

“I see India as a location where we can produce things and eventually export them. For us, the first illustration of this was Google Pay…we invested in Google Pay, and the basis of that app and experience is now spreading to our other global markets “Google’s CEO said.

As a result, I’m passionate about developing for India first, but also about building in India to tackle global concerns “he said.

He said that the tech giant is dedicated to facilitating development in the Indian market via different initiatives in cloud, artificial intelligence, and Android.

Additionally, Pichai said that although technology has grown in size and has a greater impact on people’s life, it is critical to have some rules controlling it as well.

“And I believe it is a natural part of the process; it makes sense to me that nations consider their own citizens’ concerns and seek laws to ensure the system functions effectively for them,” Pichai added.

He continued by emphasising the need of understanding how a free and open internet has aided in connecting the globe and creating possibilities.

He added that balance is critical, and as a huge corporation, Google is subject to a variety of regulatory regimes in a variety of nations.

“I believe it is critical for Google to be local and to participate in each nation’s best interests as well…we are genuinely committed to working in each country locally and in accordance with local regulations,” Pichai stated.

When asked about his personal future at Google, Pichai said, “It’s an honour to manage a business that has the potential to positively influence the lives of so many people.” It brings me a great deal of pleasure and vitality.”

“The most recent talk about climate change and the opportunity for Google to have a lasting influence there alone gets me up in the morning, and I couldn’t be more delighted “he said.

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