Friday, September 30, 2022

How to Restore Deleted Contacts on iPhone

HometechHow to Restore Deleted Contacts on iPhone
Retrieve contacts from iCloud, sync stored email contacts, or restore a recent iPhone backup to restore iPhone contacts.

Your iPhone contacts have vanished or been destroyed. This may be annoying! Unfortunately, the iPhone lacks a built-in feature for restoring lost contacts (like recovering recently deleted photos from the trash can). If you wish to restore lost contacts, you may do so using an iCloud backup, a Mac backup, or a Gmail account. Even if you don’t have access to a computer, we’ll explain how to retrieve your iPhone contacts.

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Important Note: Although there are a number of free third-party software choices that claim to be able to restore lost iPhone data, I advise against using them. If you choose this path, you will provide this programme access to your device and all of your data, putting your private information at danger. In the end, restoring from iCloud, email, or a PC backup are your finest (and most safe) alternatives.

How to Restore Contacts from iCloud on an iPhone

To restore your contacts using this data recovery method, you will need access to an iPad or computer. Additionally, you must have an iCloud backup of your contacts from before you removed them from your iPhone. Here’s how to restore lost iPhone contacts by restoring an iCloud Contacts app backup:

  1. Sign in to with your Apple ID and password.

  2. Click Account Settings

  3. Under Advanced, click Restore Contacts.

  4. Click Restore next to the date just before you deleted the contacts.
  5. Click Restore again to confirm. 

After the restore completes, you’ll get an email from iCloud confirming that your contacts have been restored to your Phone and Contacts app on all devices associated with your Apple ID. 

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Method #2: Restore Contacts through Gmail

If your deleted contacts were also saved in your Gmail contacts, getting them back on your iPhone is a simple process! You do not need a computer for this method, as you can sync your contacts via the Settings app. Here’s how to get back deleted contacts saved in Gmail: 

  1. Tap to open the Settings app.

  2. Select Mail

  3. Tap Accounts

  4. Select the email account with the saved contacts you want to add to your iPhone. 

  5. Tap the Contacts toggle to sync your Gmail contacts to your iPhone. (The toggle is green when enabled.)

    Turn on the Contacts toggle to sync contacts.

Now when you open your Phone or Contacts app, you’ll see your saved Gmail contacts in the list.

Method #3: How to Recover Deleted iPhone Contacts without a Computer

If you don’t have access to a computer but have a recent iCloud backup of your iPhone, you can still restore your lost contacts from iCloud by wiping all data and restoring the backup. This works if you have no other alternatives, but I’ve included it last since it’s the most time-consuming and will result in the loss of your most recent data (such as text messages and images) created after the backup was restored. This implies that if your last iCloud backup occurred three days ago, you will lose the data for the previous three days when you restore that backup.

In conclusion, I only suggest this strategy if a substantial number of necessary connections have vanished and none of the previous ways are effective. 

Method #4: Restoring iPhone Contacts from a Mac Backup

This procedure is identical to the last one in that all iPhone data must be deleted and then restored from a recent backup. However, instead of restoring the backup via iCloud, you will restore your iPhone from the backup on your Mac using Finder. However, this method has the same drawback as the previous one in that you will lose the most recent data since your last backup. Again, I only advocate this strategy as a last resort if you have erased a big number of contacts and none of the aforementioned ways have been successful.