Thursday, July 7, 2022

Patent Suggests Apple Is Developing an All-Glass iPhone

HometechPatent Suggests Apple Is Developing an All-Glass iPhone

Each year, Apple submits patent applications with the US United states Patent And trademark (USPTO) for a variety of products and accessories. Although the majority of them are not commercially feasible, Apple incorporates several patent-protected functionality into its products. Thus, if the Cupertino company follows through on one of its latest patents, we may see an all-glass iPhone in the future.
Apple described such an iPhone through its newly issued patent titled “Electronic device with glass enclosure.” It was discovered by Patently Apple and contains information regarding a smartphone with 6 glass enclosure and casings.

The patent describes how glass may be bent, overlap, rolled, or tapered in order to create an all-glass phone with inside components. Additionally, the business said that the gadget may have several texture glass surfaces to differentiate other areas from the input section.

Apple glass iphone patent

Apple also emphasises how internal components may be accessible through a window or what Apple refers to as a “cap” on either side of the device, presumably for repairability reasons. Additionally, the patent illustrations demonstrate how the device’s software and user interface components might dynamically adapt to the way a person holds the phone in the hands.

Apart than demonstrating an all-glass iPhone, Apple demonstrated how the technology may be applied to other goods, including the Apple Watch, a cylindrical Macbook Pro, and a Mac Pro tower.

Apple glass watch and mac

Thus, if the company continued to working on this project and brings it to market in the future, we may see a folding iPhone or an apple phone with an all-glass display design on the market. However, considering this is still a patent, experts do not anticipate such an Apple product to be released anytime soon.